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Cornish Crabbers Shrimper roller reefing furling systems.

Cornish Crabbers Shrimper roller reefing furling system

"Another exciting innovation is the development of the AeroSpar furling system. Originally designed for dinghy sailing, Aeroluffspars & Cornish Crabbers have worked together and the result offers a much lighter, convenient and flexible jib reefing system.

Perfectly suited as an improvement to traditional wire luffed headsail furling systems The AeroSpar is to be offered as an option on all Cornish Crabbers as the development progresses. Instead of relying on a fragile aluminium foil section situated in front of the sail luff the AeroSpar is built into the front of the sail and producing a much slimmer sail entry. The flexible internal carbon fibre rod rotates around a luff wire making it possible to lift the bowsprit without removing the headsail. Magic!"

Peter Thomas - MD Cornish Crabbers

Cornish Shrimper 19
‘Gusto’ during RSWSC Shrimper week regatta in which she was placed 1st

Swallow Boats roller reefing furling system

Swallow Boats roller reefing furling system

“The Aerospar works smoothly and efficiently, with its flexibility being a great asset when rigging or de-rigging the boat. It is sufficiently compact to be barely noticeable on our Bay Cruiser yachts.”.

– MD Swallow Boats

Prelude 19 roller reefing furling systems.

I have fitted the carbon of the version of the Aero Jib Furling and Reefing system to my Prelude 19, a 20 foot sailing cruiser, for sailing when single handed, or with a crew. It has proved to be just perfect for the boat. When coming in to pick up my mooring, furling the genoa is easy and enables me to have full control of the speed of the boat. Even more important, when sailing single handed I am able to feel safe on the foredeck as the sail is neatly stowed away. Sailing recently out at sea, the wind pepped up and I was able to reef the genoa in quickly without loosing any upwind performance and maintain the balance of the boat when tacking. It has proved to be a reasonably priced and very effective furling and reefing system for my boat.

- Prelude 19

Yeoman roller reefing furling systems.

Yeoman roller reefing furling systems.

Rigging the genoa on my Yeoman Keelboat had never been a simple process, taking 10 minutes or more and made even more difficult by strong wind conditions. In a good blow the effort of sheeting in the sail, even with the double purchase system, was hard work for the crew, and coming in to moor always meant a lot of surplus sailcloth to control. Fitting a complete Aero Furling Spar system has resolved all these problems, and enables me to reef the genoa to suit the wind conditions, rather than being overpowered by too large a foresail area; or choosing to rig a storm jib, which made the boat uncompetitive when racing.

I now leave the sail in situ with a supplied zip-up sailbag, which protects the sail from the UV degradation. This has saved de-mounting and storing the genoa after racing, which used to take another ten minutes and also left the problem of where to put the sail without excessive creasing. The facility of being able to reef the genoa whilst racing if needed and lose it entirely when coming in to moor have made myself and my crew extremely happy.

Dealing with Aero Luffspar Systems has been a pleasure.

- Yeoman 80

Norfolk Dayboat roller reefing furling systems.

"The flexibility of the new Aero Luff spar makes rigging and de rigging the boat very easy, but the real benefit comes when I can clear the jib away and get the kite up and working. It makes retrieving the kite easier too. The addition of a little tensioner (bungee) to the forestay has resolved the problem of it catching in the jib luff and I have not once had any difficulty with the jib since fitting the spar. I would also like to fit the same arrangement with one of the Aero spars to my Waveney to solve the perennial problem of the jib becoming entangled in the forestay, whilst still allowing the sail to be brought down into the boat when on a mooring."

– Norfolk Dayboat XX2