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The Aero Furling Spar, with the furling system incorporated within the spar, is recommended for any cruising or dayboat up to around 30ft in length.

  • Solid eye ends of spar are fitted to the
    bow and foresail halyard as any
    standard foresail

  • Spar rotates on bearings around the
    solid eye ends of luff wire with
    minimal friction – all the loading
    exerted by the foresail halyard being
    taken by the luff wire

  • Spar works more efficiently than any
    standard furling unit, where the
    loading applied to the foresail halyard
    is transmitted through the bearings
    of the top swivel and bottom drum

  • Spar sufficiently flexible for any bowsprit
    to be raised without the need to
    detach spar from bow fitting

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