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Introducing the Aero Luffspar range, an entirely new type of spirally bound Carbon Fibre Luff spar

Specifically designed to provide the convenience of furling/reefing the genoa, without compromising its efficiency.

Hafren's 'Wayfarer round Britain' record success
Hafren's Record Attempt - Wayfarer Round Britain

Hafren's Record Attempt - Wayfarer Round Britain

Congratulations to Jeremy Warren and Phil Kirk on their record breaking success of completing the trip in only 32 days

More details of trip and other news

Two lightweight and compact roller reefing/furling systems:

Aero Luff Spar:
A luff spar that fits onto any of the readily available furling systems –
ideally suited to those with an existing furling system.

Aero Furling Spar:
A complete furling system incorporated within the spar –
ideal for performance sailing and those with no existing system.
  • Spar can be supplied to fit any genoa luff length up to 6 metres.

  • Full Carbon spar withstands all torsional loads to gale force conditions.

  • Spar tested by designer (not by choice!) in Force 8 gale conditions.

  • Spar not permanently deformed by bending - as with an aluminium spar.

  • Provides a more rigid link than a highly flexible polypropylene type spar.

 Featured at the major UK boat shows


Alexandra Palace
RYA Dinghy Show

RYA Dinghy show stand
Interview on Dinghy Crusing

Interview on Dinghy Crusing
Southampton Boat show

Boat Show
Cronish Crabbers Adventure furling reefing system

Cornish Crabbers stand
Devon Yawl furling reefing system

Devon Yawl stand

8 Wayfarers anchored off the shore at Brancaster on a Training weekend – with 7 of the boats using the Aero Spar (4* having changed from other systems) and the eighth boat ordering the Aero Spar after seeing how efficiently it reefed the genoa in the strong wind conditions.
* W 773 Matt Sharman; W 1162 John Mellor; W 3177 Dave Barker; W10512 Charles Ferrar.
International Patent applied for