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Boom Reefing Line Bags

Reefing Line bags as supplied – available in Grey or Black, to suit boom colour or preference.

Reefing Line bags ‘in situ’ – supplied with adhesive Velcro strip to secure the bag to boom.

These boom bags are made from a mesh material to allow water to escape freely, and are primarily designed to hold the loose end of a reefing line after a reef has been put in the mainsail. They can however also be made to any size requested – see Stowage Bags

Cost: £30 each (£36 inc.VAT)
Boom Reefing Line Bags Boom Reefing Line Bags

Boom Transom Pad

Boom Transom pads as supplied – available in black or white only.

The boom pad ‘in situ’ – the Pad can be supplied in various lengths from 40mm

These rubber pads are screwed to the underside at the back of the boom and save any damage to the transom – particularly wooden transom rails – should the boom be dropped down suddenly (and inadvertently)!

Cost: £6 each (£7.20 inc.VAT)
Boom Transom Pad Boom Transom Pad

Boom Mainsheet Guides

Boom Guides as supplied – available in black only.

Mainsheet guide ‘in situ’ – supplied with s/s fixing screws And with a minimum of 2 spaced along the boom recommended

These plastic boom guides can be screwed to the boom track on the underside of the boom, and neatly keep a (centre) mainsheet from dangling down from the boom and causing a problem for the helm.

Cost: £5 pair (£6 inc.VAT)
Boom Mainsheet Guides Boom Mainsheet Guides

Cleat Keepers

Cleat Keeper as supplied (top left) – supplied with s/s fixing screws. The plastic keeper fits over a standard Clam cleat (top right).

Clam cleats with cleat keepers in use for 1st and 2nd reefing lines.

This Cleat Keeper provides a more secure hold for the cleat, as well as ensuring that the line does not re-cleat again after release. Suitable for Clam or Selden type cleats.

Cleat Keeper £3 (£3.60 inc.VAT)

Clam Cleat: £8 (£9.60 inc.VAT)
Cleat Keepers Cleat Keepers

Centre board bolt, Locknut, and Closed Cell Washers

Bolt & washers as supplied – closed cell foam washer is secured to s/steel washer.

Video of how top remove and re-fit a centre board to align the bolt hole in the board with that in the boat and re-fit the bolt with closed cell foam washers to follow.

The A4 stainless steel bolt and locknut is supplied with a combined A4 s/steel and closed cell foam washer.

Washers: £3 pair (£3.60 inc.VAT)

Bolt & Locknut: £8 each (£9.60 inc.VAT)

Centre Board Strap, Bolt, Locknut, and Plastic Stoppers

Centreboard straps as supplied – with or without bolt and door stop plugs

Strap fitted to centreboard.

These Centre Board straps are available in red, black, and blue, and are easily fitted between the ‘door stop’ ends of the fixing bolt and lock nut. A grommet is used to reinforce the hole in the strap.

Bolt & (2) Stoppers:
£5 each
(£6 inc.VAT)

Strap: £20 each (£25 inc.VAT)
Centreboard Strap Centreboard Strap

Easy-Fit Genoa Sheets

Genoa sheets as supplied – these sheets are available in black, blue and red 8mm line.

Easy-fit genoa sheets in use and completely secure.

These double braided Genoa Sheets are soft, easy to handle and grip, and allow the sheets to be quickly and easily detached from the sail to be left ’in situ when the sail is removed.

Cost: £25 (£30 inc.VAT)
Easy-Fit Genoa Sheets Easy-Fit Genoa Sheets

Mast Pin with R-clip

Centre mast pin – as supplied with large A4 washer, R-clip and split pin.

Mast pin in use with quick release R-clip at one end.

This 316 s/steel Mast Pin is can be supplied with either a split pin one end and an R-clip the other, or with an R-clip at either end

R-clip: £1 each (£1.20 inc.VAT)

Mast Pin: £18 each (£21.60 inc.VAT)
Mast Pin with R-clip Mast Pin with R-clip

Mast End Socks

Mast End Sock – as supplied

Photo of Mast End Sock – in use

The Mast End Socks fits over either end of the mast when trailing the boat – the length will cover the gooseneck fitting on the mast, and ideal for containing the loose rope halyards etc. The bright red material makes the protruding end of the mast highly visible

Cost: £18 (£21.60 inc.VAT)
Mast End Socks Mast End Socks

Reefing Line Single Block Boom Slide

Single Block Boom slide – as supplied

Single Block Boom slide – in use.

The Single Block Boom Slide is fitted to the underside boom track and is readily adjusted to ensure the reefing line pulls the mainsail reefing clew both back and down, equally.

Cost: £36 (£43.20 inc.VAT)
Reefing Line Single Block Boom Slide Reefing Line Single Block Boom Slide

Reefing Line Double Block Boom Slide

Double Block Boom slide – as supplied

Double Block Boom slide – in use.

The Double Block Boom slide allows an external reefing line to be operated whichever side of the boat the boom happens to be on. This can be important in strong wind conditions.

Cost: £46 (£55.20 inc.VAT)
Reefing Line Double Block Boom Slide Reefing Line Double Block Boom Slide

Reefing Tack Hook

Reefing Hook – as supplied.

Reefing Hook – in use.

These reefing hooks are a quick and easy way of reefing the tack of the sail. They replace the use of the tack pin on the boom, so are best used where the mainsail is left on the boom after each sail.

Cost: £18 (£21.60 inc.VAT)
Reefing Tack Hook Reefing Tack Hook

Remote Operated Self-Bailers

Self-bailer – as supplied

These self-bailers can be operated by either helm or crew whilst sailing, and sitting on the side-deck.

Fitting is no more difficult than for the standard self-bailers, though a fitting service is also offered – see ‘Other Services’ webpage.

Cost: £110 each (£132 inc.VAT)
Remote Operated Self-Bailers

Rope Tidies

Rope tidy – as supplied

Rope tidy – in use.

These Rope Tidies are a very simple means of keeping any spare line, such as rope halyards, neat and tidy, whilst still being easily accessible and quick to free up when the line is needed.

Cost: £3 pair (£3.60 inc.VAT)
Rope Tidies Rope Tidies

Sail Straps

Sail Strap as supplied

Sail Strap in use

These sail straps are particularly useful to secure a rolled genoa, but can obviously be used on any sail, or for other purposes.

Cost: £3 (£3.60 inc.VAT)
Sail Straps Sail Straps

Sailhead Buoyancy Bag

Buoyancy Bag – prior to fitting inside mainsail.

Buoyancy Bag Pocket – prior to fitting to sail.

The Sailhead Buoyancy Bag has been designed to fit the shape of the peak of a mainsail, including the angled part of the headboard. It can be deflated, and rolled up inside the sail at the end of a day’s sail.

Cost: £65 (£78 inc.VAT)
Sailhead Buoyancy Bag Sailhead Buoyancy Bag

Sailhead Buoyancy Bag Pocket

The Buoyancy Bag inserted into pocket on sail.

Buoyancy Bag in use on a capsize.

The Buoyancy Bag sail pocket has been designed to allow the bag to expand with minimum distortion of the sail. It is fitted with a zip fastener for easy access.

Cost £45 (£54 inc.VAT)
Sailhead Buoyancy Bag Pocket Sailhead Buoyancy Bag Pocket

Shockcord Ties

Shockcord Tie – as supplied.

Shockcord Ties – there are over 50 in use in various places on this photo!

These elastic ties can be used in almost any situation where a length of rope would normally be used. They are far easier and quicker to fasten, and won’t ‘work loose’, as rope often does, particularly when towing.

Cost: £2 each (£2.40 inc.VAT)

Pack of 6: £10 (£12 inc.VAT)
Shockcord Ties Shockcord Ties

Shockcord Reefing Ties

Reefing Tie – as supplied.

Reefing Ties – in use on sail.

These double elastic Reefing Ties enable the tie to be easily and quickly fastened, no matter which side of the boat the boom is on.

Cost: £2.50 pair (£3 inc.VAT)

Pack of 5: £10 (£12 inc.VAT)
Shockcord Reefing Ties Shockcord Reefing Ties

Stainless Steel Buckle Boat Strap

Lever Buckle Strap – as supplied – available in black, blue, or red.

Boat Strap – in use – also available with plastic or wood strap guards

This strap is a quick and simple way of securing the boat hull to a trailer and with the buckle positioned inside the boat, ensures the strap won’t be over-tightened, or knock against the hull, as the ratchet type often does.

Cost: £24 (£28.80 inc.VAT)
Stainless Steel Buckle Boat Strap Stainless Steel Buckle Boat Strap

Strap guards – plastic

Plastic guards – as supplied

Strap guards – in use.

These strap guards protect the boat’s gunwale by spreading the loading over a wider area, rather than at the very edge.

Cost £8 pair (£9.60 inc.VAT)
Strap guards – plastic Strap guards – plastic

Stainless Steel Bow Strap

Bow Ratchet Strap – as supplied.

Bow strap – in use

This stainless steel ratchet strap is A quick and easy way to secure the bow of a boat to the trailer.

Cost: £18 each (£21.60 inc.VAT)
Stainless Steel Bow Strap Stainless Steel Bow Strap

Stainless Steel Outboard Bracket

Outboard Bracket – as supplied.

Outboard Bracket – fitted.

This s/steel bracket is far superior To the cheaper, cast aluminium type. The locking wing screw is secured within the body of the outer bracket. The pad can be supplied in laminated Mahogany or Iroko to be varnished or oiled as required.

Cost: £225 (£270 inc.VAT)
Stainless Steel Outboard Bracket Stainless Steel Outboard Bracket

Stowage bags

Stowage bags

Stowage bags

These large Storage Bags can be secured to the boat using either the Velcro strips on the back, or fixed permanently with screws/bolts. The standard size is 300 X 300mm, but they can be made up to any required size.

Bag only: £30 (££36 inc.VAT)

Bag with drink bottle storage:                     £40 (£48 inc.VAT)


Wayfarer Spray Dodger

Wayfarer Spray Dodger fitted. – view from side

Wayfarer Spray Dodger fitted. – view from inside boat

The Wayfarer Spray Dodger is made from the same material as the Boat Tent. It can be quickly and easily fitted to the foredeck with no additional fixings needing to be added to the boat.


– with no added VAT, since they are supplied directly by John Mellor.

Wayfarer Spray Dodger Wayfarer Spray Dodger

Wayfarer Boom Tent

Wayfarer Boat Tent erected.

View inside Boat Tent.

The Wayfarer Boat tent is made from a proofed nylon material, which is strong, lightweight, and waterproof. It is quickly and easily erected, needing only a boom crutch to support the end of the boom.

Adaptations for World and Mk4 boats available.

Cost: £625

– with no added VAT, since they are supplied directly by John Mellor.

Wayfarer Boom Tent Wayfarer Boom Tent

Wayfarer Over Boom Boat Cover

Cover fits neatly over boat with either mast up, or down for trailing.

The front section is fastened by a full length sturdy zip from bow to top of mast collar.

This is a top quality Rain & Sun deep sided cover made from breathable COOLTEX PVC Polyester, which has been manufactured to ALS Ltd specifications.

Cost: £350 (£420 inc.VAT)
Wayfarer Over Boom Boat Cover Wayfarer Over Boom Boat Cover

The split shroud openings are secured with Velcro for their full length, with the under-straps able to be unfastened from either side of the boat.

The transom section is split with a full length Velcro fastening for access into the boat when used for trailing.

Wayfarer Over Boom Boat Cover Wayfarer Over Boom Boat Cover

The mast and transom collar is fastened with a simple wrap around Velcro strap.

Video of boom up cover in operation

Wayfarer Over Boom Boat Cover

W9651 kitted out with new McNamara sails, (the red panels making the boat much more visible on the water), as well as other cruising accessories and services supplied by Aero Luff Spars Ltd, to make it suited to cruising the very rocky shoreline of the Finnish coast.

Brian Martindale sailing W9651 out of Rosala in the Archipelago of 50,0000 islands between Åland and Turku, on the south west tip of mainland Finland.