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The Aero Spar is the lightest, smallest diameter, and most
compact flexible foresail furling & reefing system available.


Aero Luffspar for Dinghies

(with a 3mm luff wire)

Aero Luffspar for Cruisers

(with a 4mm & 5mm luff wire)
  • Spar diameter only 8mm

  • Spar weight less than 0.5kg

  • The Aero Luff Spar changes an existing furling system to a reefing system.

  • The Aero Furling Spar incorporates the furling/reefing within the spar.

  • Spar sufficiently flexible to be bent into a wide U shape.

  • Spar supplied in lengths for luff sleeves up to 6m.

  • For Dinghy enquiries contact:

    Matt Sharman

    07 743 135 473

  • Spar diameter only 10mm

  • Spar weight less than 1kg

  • Spar supplied with the furling/ reefing system incorporated within unit.

  • Spar sufficiently flexible for a bowsprit to be raised without the need to detach spar.

  • Spar supplied in lengths for luff sleeves up to 7m.

W10405 Cuillin Perl, beached at TraighTuath on the north end of Coll, on the West coast of Scotland – the Aero Spar enabling the genoa to be completely furled or reefed down to any size, for both convenience and safety.
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